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9mileshigh replied to your post: i’ll be completely honest

I’m really sorry. I don’t now if you mean me, but :( Skype is giving me issues and I barely talk to anyone. Bff moving away, other bff going to India, life decisions about work, thesis, exposition- I’m kind of scattered. I’ll be back, I promise *hug*

i’m not talking about you darling <3  there are a lot of issues shoving it’s foot up the ass of us talking

time zones being one of them

i’m always here to talk and feelings jam if you need it tho and i hope things are going well outside of the busy :33

 fyzika replied to your posti’ll be completely honest

Hey man I went through that a few years ago…. I know how you feel…. Brohug/fist/empathetic pat on the back

sorry to hear that

it’s never fun

i’ve gone through it a few times in my life and it never gets easier

/brohugfist backpat secret combo

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