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chemicalcircuit replied to your post: wow

???? details for the nosy folks? is this someone we should be aware of?

uhm, basically………….

so a person from the FF7 fandom who read sama and my FF7 fic SOMEHOW got sama’s skype name and added her, and started talking to her

we updated recently, so they messaged her again

i told sama to make a group convo so i could help her fend off their crap they’re kind of pushy and obnoxious and really really just


i don’t like them

haven’t since they left a review


so this exchange happened due to there being a baby chocobo in our story that they hate:

Them: you know, i keep thinking back to a kitten i had to raise once and remembering how much i hated that thing. i like grown animals. o_o

Koorii: i’ve raised a lot of animals from babies, so hahahahaha

Them: oh my god i hate kittens. i love cats, but i hate kittens.

Them: it took every ounce of willpower and animal-loving-ness i had not to smash the thing against a wall.

Koorii: i’d really prefer you not say things like that

Koorii: please

Them: eh, i was in a bad place in my life then. i really do love animals, just that that kitten almost single-handedly ruined the life i once had.

Them: …single-pawedly?

Koorii: animals can’t ruin anything…. they’re animals……

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    exactly… »«  oh god, i can only imagine how they’ll react to being blocked and how they must have reacted to that...
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    yeah, my mom always snorts in disgust and goes "once it was german shepherds, and then rottweilers, now it’s pitbulls....
  3. corgikind said: Even if it angers you, which I completely understand. This person doesnt interact with you, I would try and brush it off and be thankful you don’t have to deal with that person everyday! Horrible advice is horrible ;-;
  4. chemicalcircuit said: …uhm. what the christfondling fuck.

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