The Seer of Words
63, 41?

63 - A quote you like to live by:

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

I think that’s a bible, quote, but that’s not particularly why I like it.  It’s because it’s something my mother’s said for as long as I could remember, and there’s a very basic lesson in there about compassion, and being nice to people.

Then again it also has a greedy aspect that suggest you’re acting that way to get shit in return, and I’m sure that comes into play sometimes…

But I still just like the base idea there that, you should treat other’s well and be treated well in turn.

It’s like an old school way of saying Don’t be hating. Hahaha.

41 - Share 2 habits:

When I’m writing a response to someone on a very thoughtful topic, I have a tendency to pause mid-type and touch my lip in thought.

When I’m feeling restless at the computer or just have particularly bouncy music playing I’ll get up and dance around beside my desk.

Bonus:  I have really restless hands and I’m almost constantly doing something with them, so I have a bunch of trinkets and toys scattered on my desk to fidget with at all times. :P

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